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Study yourself
Open your eyes
Define yourself
Get to know yourself
Define yourself
Get to know yourself
Study youself
Open your eyes
We suggest you instead of being an actor try to be a director of your own life
Gender, age, social status and current psychological state are not important here.

The task of the institute is to lead a person from what he has already known about himself and the world to what he have never even thought about. Everyone will have their own path, everyone will reach a new level, and your levels and paths will not coincide with others.
What you will get
The knowledge of how to
go through crises properly
The ability to manage
yourself, people, and teams
The understanding of all
areas of psychology
The accepting yourself and
improving your quality of life
The most accurate diagnosis of yourself and your implementation
The skills to predict
the behavior of any person

For me, psychology is a laboratory not only for the study, but also for the modeling of life.
Karina Veingard, the doctor of psychology
Author of the concept «Three levels of mindfulness»
It is not enough to be a spectator, observing the processes in and around a person, you can and should participate in these processes"
For whom
It does not matter what place you occupy in society. Many have already been trained and they appreciated the benefits of the concept. They changed their lives and today they recommend us.
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